BePennywise – Personal Finance Management Application

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BePennywise is a personal finance management application which has everything you need to manage your finances. From spending, balances, budgeting to setting goals. It puts all financial information in front so the user knows at a glance where they stand.

Challenges in the development process

We faced a few challenges in choosing the tool to connect bank account. At the beginning of the project, we chose Quovo for linking bank accounts. Halfway through the development process, we got the news that Quovo got acquired by a company called Plaid. So we had to redo most of our API endpoints which were fetching data from quovo.

Plaid has a tool called link where users can search and connect financial accounts easily.

Dashboard Design

We had to create a dashboard in a way that user can get an overview of all of their finances on one page. The data had to be easily visually appealing and easy to understand. We designed one Pie chart with different bank account data, One Chart to compare their income vs expenses and then some boxes to show their remaining budget of the month, their net worth, and how close they are to their goals.

Advisor Permissions

We had to be very careful about what user’s data the advisors can access. So we structured the permissions in a way that user can select which of their financial data, can their advisors access. Different advisors were assigned to different users.

Dynamic Questions based on Previous Answers

To get the better idea of user’s financial position, each user got asked different questions based on their previous answers. We had to switch the questions based on their personal life. We ended up using Typeform to generate that kind of a form and then used their API to get the data from typeform to our database.


Project Prompt

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Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, UI/UX Design, Testing, AWS Server hosting

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