Hotel Express


Project Prompt

Hotel Express is an online platform application where tourists can find the best hotels in town! The best feature of the application is that They can easily compare many hotel websites all around the globe with a single click and find the best deal for your next holiday season.


The goal of the application is to create easy to use interface with all information at the top and navigation is hazel free. Create an Easy navigation Process for interactive features such as using the filter, selecting add-ons, and finally booking confirmation with an easy payment gateway.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

We created a google form that had 15 participants as part of my quantitative research to get direct feedback on answers to some of the question mentioned below Also carried out qualitative research with 2 participants with main focus on finish out their current app they used and what could we do better.

Usability Testing

Conducted a usability test with 1 participant to check if the goal of the application is usable and accessible for the target audience. Session conducted via the zoom meeting and users were able to use application mockup made in Figma.

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Project Prompt

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